Physical Activity That Doesn’t Even Seem To Be An Exercise

If you want to get yourself more involved in the exercise, forget that gym membership! You do not need it! In addition to that, many people pay the gym membership, and go once or twice for the entire month! This is not good for you or your figure, but the gym is, on the other hand, making a profit! Quit that nasty habit and read how you can get some exercise without even getting exercise.


Swimming is great for your entire body, all your muscles, and your spine. Moreover, it is great for your soul, as water will help you relax, unwind, and charge your batteries. What are you waiting for? Grab that towel and get your ass to the closest swimming pool!

Riding Your Bike

If you want to keep fit, ride your bike more often. It can be used as a means of transportation, makes a great exercise and is fun if the weather is nice and sunny anyway. So, riding your bike will also account for great exercise, boost your endorphin levels and you will feel like a happy camper!


Walking anywhere and everywhere is also a great form of exercise, without actually exercising. In fact, it is also the most natural form of exercise that you can do. So, whether you are old, young, or recovering from an injury, if you can walk make sure you do so at least half an hour every day.


Hiking is just like walking; only you get to do it in nature and enjoy all the effects it has on you. Being in nature can have such a calming and relaxing effect that you will love hiking. You also do not need a lot of equipment, and it is really fun for all generations.

Going For Long Walks

Make a habit of going out for long walks, and you will see how soon you will get your figure in order. Everyone will want to know in which gym you lost all those pounds. Smile mysteriously.

Climbing Stairs

Climb the stairs if you are in that position. So, choosing between an elevator and stairs, go for stairs all the time.

Browsing And Window Shopping

This fun and amazing form of exercise can burn a ton of calories. No wonder all those sex-and-the-city enthusiasts are thin! Girl, if you want to lose weight too, just browse shops until you drop!

Running After Your Children / Dog

If you have children or pets, it could also account for a great way to exercise and introduce exercise in your life. Running after the little one or playing with your dog can burn more calories than you know.

Making Your Bed

Get up, make your bed, clean the room. Stand up, bend down, you don’t even know that it is a great exercise.

Salute The Sun

While you are there, do the sun salutation. This simple yoga exercise will make a great start of the day and help you stay fit.